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Welcome to this blog. My apologies for not attending to the texts on this site for some time due to engagement with The Octavo.

With the help of my IT staff I'm trying to upgrade many of the pages here in the light of new material which emerged in its creation. I have not yet had the time to personally acquire many of the IT skills that I would like to have.

In response to Frequently Asked Questions:

1) My relationship to the Magical Pact of The Illuminates of Thanateros (IOT)? I remain on good terms with a number of the longstanding members, many of whom I'd count as personal friends, however since my retirement I only meet them very occasionally. If you want to apply to the IOT then apply to them directly, not to me. Upon retirement I relinquised any influence on admissions procedures.

2) The Knights of Chaos. As Acting Marshall of this Magical Ecological Crusading order I can take inquiries about it through the mailbox on this site. The Knights conduct their business mainly through Arcanorium College at the time of writing. 


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