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Occam's Razor has proved itself an invaluable philosophical and scientific tool. Basically it states that if in doubt, select the simplest explanation. (conspiracy theorists please note).

I seem to remember that Einstein once said something to the effect that one should always use the simplest possible explanation, - but nothing simpler!

Today a wise man passed me another theoretical and practical tool, I don't know whether he devised it himself or not, it bears the name of 'Lydon's Razor', after John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, the famed punk rocker and lead singer of the Sex Pistols.

If in doubt about doing something then apply Lydon's Razor...    'WHY THE **** NOT?'

I doubt that Confuscious would have approved.

Anyway, a couple of more wizard lifestyle tips from my own repertoire, as so many e-mails seem to request them: -

a) Opiate of the People. Some ask how come I manage to run a business and family, read and write loads of books and articles, fill my home with strange artifacts of my own manufacture, and still have time for surfing, walking the dog and cooking. I have a simple answer, I don't watch TV very often. I treat it like the cinema and only watch it for about an hour a week after having thoughtfully decided that something seems worth watching. Many people seem to sacrifice up to a third of their waking lives worshiping the idiot box.

b) Go Commando. Gentlemen, let your external genitalia breathe. There is absolutely no need to wear underpants so long as you wash yourself after a dump. I picked this habit up 30 years ago during my years of wandering India and I've never looked back. Nothing seems worse than rubbing it in with sheets of dead tree, and nothing spoils the look of good trousers more than visible underwear lines. 

c) Suits. Beware of people in suits, the formal dress of liars and those who wish to conceal their body shape and social status. Be even more wary of those who remove their suits in an attempt to ingratiate themselves with you.

d) Hair. You might as well grow it as long as possible, for it keeps your head and neck warm in winter and cool in summer. It currently also gives the message that you might be a bit odd and thus possibly interesting, and also that you're probably penniless, possibly mad and dangerous, and not worth robbing. 

 Plus if you need a disguise in a hurry you can quickly remove it, whereas wigs fool nobody close up.


By: Peter Carroll On Wednesday, 26 January 2011 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(4929)

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